The Intolerant Family Cookbook

shapeimage_3This beautiful cookbook is 10” by 7” and has 144 pages.  The book is written for people with dietary restrictions who want to cook interesting, healthy food. This includes the young professional recently diagnosed with a dietary intolerance with limited cooking experience,  to a mother of an intolerant  or autistic child who wants to cook one meal that can be enjoyed by the entire family,  to mid-life intolerants who are always seeking new approaches to their dietary challenges.  

People follow gluten-free, dairy-free or carb-conscious diets for many reasons, including celiac disease, lactose intolerance, diabetes, autism, wheat or dairy allergy, or simply as a lifestyle choice.  For the authors of this cookbook, this way of eating is a necessity.  As a gluten and diary intolerant and a type-one diabetic, we have years of experience navigating the rough world of diet-specific cooking.

This cookbook really is a “family” book - as a dynamic mother and daughter cooking duo, part of a family serious about cooking, we include in this cookbook small stories and anecdotes about our family, our food and our own journeys to adjust to our new food worlds.  We have learned that dietary changes involve your emotions, not just your skill with a kitchen knife.    Family meals and good food have made an important contribution to our family.  We want families with intolerances to celebrate their own family traditions and memories and think the knowledge we’ve picked up can help others – by turning it into a fun, easy to read cookbook that we would purchase.

Nutrient Analysis:  Because we are serious about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, the cookbook  includes nutritional analysis of each recipe using Food Solver Q dietary analysis program.

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